savagedme asked:

1,2,3,22,28,40,54,59 :) And to the number 55, I hope that I will soon count as one of your tumblr friends ^_^

1. The camera on my phone is really bad, so I can’t take a selfie, sorry.
2. If I have a boy: Tim or Aaron. If I have a girl: Kira or Violet.
3. I miss a person with whom I used to be very good friends, but I don’t think that person misses me.
22. I don’t have a crush now. 
28. Well, it’s quite a weird question, because I don’t think it’s possible to love somebody for a reason, and you can’t get someone to love you if the person does not. True love comes when you don’t expect it. That’s my opinion.
40. I have participated in exchange program between my school and one gymnasium in Germany three times, and one time I went to Germany in December, in the Christmas time. Lights, frost, Christmas fairs, special treats, making friends, experiencing new things… That was amazing.
54. Now, since I live in a dorm with 3 other people in one room, it worries me how am I going to survive here for 4 years. Me and my roommates have different interests and we barely can find a topic to discuss. I don’t know…
59. I have started my tumblr page because I wanted to keep some kind of a diary to write my thoughts and so on. But then I found out that I can visualise my mind though pictures. And I do. The pictures on my page represent my state, my dreams, my personal goals and, all in all, my inner world. That’s why I don’t think I will ever get rid of this page.

Thank you so much for all the questions you asked. I’m always waiting for new acquaintances, so if you want to be a friend of mine, we can try :)

Taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge when it’s only 12 above zero and the rain is pouring was probably the most stupid thing I have ever done.